Team of Shield

Shivam Shukla

Founder & Director

"Success is the outcome of continuous efforts and perseverance, and people who continuously fight against odds surely get success one day. So if you have a big dream, you should always put your best efforts. We are here to complement your efforts by providing you the best mentors, who have the capacity to help you in chasing your dream . You should have a fire and a strong desire to be the part of Indian defence Services. So Be focused and fit, till you get you dreams and stay positive and cool. With Best Wishes!"

Shield Defence Academy, is a team of retired ex-defence officers, from SSB board. Shield Defence Academy is grouping of well qualified and experienced faculties, you will get in Lucknow, UP. For the written examination of NDA and CDS, the faculties have minimum experience for 7 – 8 years in defence sector and Shield trains you for SSB with three sorts of officers; GTO officers, Personal interviewing officers and psychologists officer. Shield proves itself the best NDA coaching in India.

The finest institute in Lucknow offers you the best faculty. “We proudly stand in union, solidarity lies in our blood.” Shield works with the most industrious faculty members in Lucknow.

Shield Defence Academy is the finest institute whichcreates your career as an officer. Undoubtedly, Shield is the best with best NDA and CDS trainers in India. Group of well trained and proficient faculty makes Shield a successful institution in Lucknow,UP.

Shield Defence Academy teaches you the same but differently, in India. Our team made us successful with us continuous labour and hard work.Your search for the best institute in Lucknow region ends here. Shield Defence Academy cordially welcomes diligent aspirants